Social Media Marketing in the Freelancer World

Whether by design or necessity, a growing number of workers are moving from the traditional world of full-time employment by major corporations to a new world of freelancing, contract work and small business ownership. That shift is not always an easy one, but for those who make it, the world of freelancing can be a… Continue reading

The Advantages of Using Photoshop Overlays

No matter how many techniques photographers can use to edit their photos, one of the most effective to completely transform a photo is to add an overlay. Adding an overlay can easily transform an ordinary photo into a very special one by adding a light flare, glimmer, sky replacement overlay, or other essential actions to… Continue reading

How to Use Photo Overlays While Editing Images?

The Conceptual Understanding of Overlay Basics Overlays are a perfect way to add characterization and contrast to your pictures. They could be used to incorporate brightness, lens flares, snow, rain, sound, smoke, and several other forms of effects. The most remarkable feature is that it could be found on all editions of Photoshop and any… Continue reading

Different Ways to Create Snow in Photoshop

Introduction (The Rise of Photoshop) Everything has evolved throughout the last two centuries, particularly in the fields of art and culture. The digital transformation brought on by introducing powerful yet inexpensive computers now has a significant influence on the media environment. More precisely, however, the role of images and photo editing software, in particular Photoshop,… Continue reading

5 Best Halloween Deals In 2020

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get spooky. If you need resources for invites, posters, and many others, you’ve come to the right place. No tricks here, just Spooktacular design treats. 1000+ Halloween Photoshop Overlays & Lightroom Presets We all want that perfect gloomy picture to post on Instagram on Halloween. After… Continue reading

Email Marketing For Holidays

Holiday Email Marketing to Propel Your Sales and Drive Maximum Profitability! In 2019, the total retail spending was around $1.007 trillion, which made it the very first trillion-dollar holiday season. It is predicted to grow 3.4% to $1.042 trillion while ecommerce growth will reach $156.69 billion in the year 2020.  Do you need more reasons… Continue reading