Fun Facts – Fonts Edition

Did you know that we love fonts? You can definitely tell that from our font bundle collections! This is why we decided to come up with some facts about fonts! Enjoy!

  1. Did you know that some fonts are representative of different types of personalities?
  • Times New Roman, Arial, and Cambria are the representatives of balanced people;
  • The emphatic characters resonate with Impact and Georgia;
  • If you feel creative, then Gigi or Kristen is the perfect font for you.

2. Did you know that three fonts can make you read at precisely the same speed? Of course, we have to point out that the size of the text, color, and type (italic, bold or regular) have to be the same? Those three fonts are Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman.

3. Did you know that Comic Sans is the most untrustworthy font? It is considered an infantile font, being created for children’s materials, so people tend to not take seriously what you write in this typeface.

4. Did you know that Arial is an “unemotional font”? If you feel like Loki, then Arial is the font to express indifference. For a “no hard feelings” resignation, this is the most appropriate font.

5. Did you know that Geneva is the font which represents integrity? The honesty and calm will come up from that piece of writing when using Geneva.

We hope that our “Did you know” section will help with your future endeavors. If you know other interesting facts about fonts and typography, let us hear them, too! Write them in the comments section!

Photographers’ Marathon – Summer Edition

Welcome to Photographers’ Marathon – Summer Edition!

This summer we bring you the first edition of our contest. Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to display your work for thousands of viewers.

Not only you will get massive exposure, but also you will see that your work matters. Let’s have a creative journey together and explore the endless possibilities of editing with an Inky product.

Here is some little help if you did not purchase one already.

For Photoshop: Sample 1 (PS Actions); Sample 2 (PS Actions); Sample 3 (PS Add-ons)

For Lightroom: Sample 1 (LR Presets); Sample 2 (LR Presets); Sample 3 (LR Presets)

How you can participate:

  1. Submit your edited photos at
  2. Send the picture between 31st of July and 3rd of September 2017.
  3. Make sure you add the following details in the email:
    • Name;
    • Location;
    • Name of the Inkydeals product you have used (Disqualifying criteria);
    • Facebook page, Twitter account or your website (so we can tag your work).

Selection Process:

1st stage:

After receiving all the photos, we will post the submissions that have met the requirements in an album on our InkyDeals Facebook page. Between 4th of September and 15th of September, people can vote their favorite photo, and at the end of this period, we will select the ten most liked artworks.

2nd stage:

From the top ten most popular photos, our photography specialists from Inkydeals will choose the 3 winning artworks. We will announce the winner on 20th of September 2017.

What you win:

1st place – $200 Amazon Gift Card + $500 InkyDeals credit + InkyDeals T-shirt

2nd place – Credit of $200 to spend on Inkydeals + InkyDeals T-shirt.

3rd place – Credit of $100 to spend on Inkydeals+ InkyDeals T-shirt.

May the best photographies win!

The Science of Learning: Focused and Diffuse Thinking

Have you ever felt stuck while studying? When students feel like they have hit an academic wall, it is difficult to know what to do next. In times past, psychologists and other experts tended to suggest that the best path forward was to buckle down and intensely focusing on subject matter for long periods at a time. However, recent research suggests otherwise.

Focused and Diffuse Thinking: An Analogy

Cognitive experts have identified that the human brain utilizes two processes when learning new information:  focused and diffuse thinking.  In order to understand the way these processes work, it helps to use an analogy. Picture a pinball machine. In this game, you pull a plunger and release it, sending a ball into the game table to bounce off rubber bumpers and score points. The areas of the game table where the rubber bumpers are close together represent focused thinking.

The ball – our thoughts – bounce around within a limited area very quickly. We think attentively and concentrate only on information that is pertinent to the subject matter at hand. Conversely, in areas of the game table where rubber bumpers are spaced more widely is representative of diffuse thinking, where thoughts are somewhat random and unrestricted.

The Brain Utilizes Both Processes to Learn

It may seem that focused and diffuse ways of thinking are polar opposites of each other. As it turns out, they work in tandem.  Learning is most effectively accomplished when students use both processes within the same study session.

Cognitive scientists suggest that the best way to master new material is to start out dedicating about 20-25 minutes reading and understanding the material in an intensely focused manner without distraction. Then switch to diffuse mode for at least 15 minutes by taking a break and letting the mind wander.

Diffuse thinking tends to encourage the internalization of subject matter by making new and creative connections to previously learned material. Experts agree that repeating this sequence two or three times in one study session effectively solidifies information in the brain.

In order to learn, you might think that you need to spend hours of focused mental energy pouring over study material. However, it turns out that your brain utilizes two types of thinking to most effectively learn. No doubt, blocks of time devoted to intense focus are necessary, but you also need rest periods within the same study session.  It’s the alternation between focused and diffuse mode that enables your brain to make information really stick and quality learning to take place.

We have launched a new category of products on InkyDeals, check out our eLearning courses and start learning a new skill or get better at what you do. You can get started for free with the InkyDeals Designer Training Freebie Bundle


Social Media Marketing in the Freelancer World

Whether by design or necessity, a growing number of workers are moving from the traditional world of full-time employment by major corporations to a new world of freelancing, contract work and small business ownership. That shift is not always an easy one, but for those who make it, the world of freelancing can be a very lucrative endeavor.

If you are looking for a way to get more freelance clients, build your brand identity and ultimately boost your profits, social media can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. When done right, social media engagement can extend your sphere of influence far beyond what you could have done otherwise. Here are some tips for making the most of your social media marketing.

Focus on Your Local Business Partners

As a freelancer, it is easy to get caught up on the major players in your chosen field, the big brand names everyone would recognize. The problem is everyone in your field is chasing those same big names, leaving little room for newcomers and no margin for error.

If you want to grow your freelance business organically, use your social media marketing prowess to target the local businesses that share your hometown and the surrounding area. If you think hard, you can probably come up with a dozen businesses within an easy drive of your home-based office. Seek out their social media pages, follow their activities and reach out to them with marketing ideas and other ways you can help. If you do a good job, you can parlay those finished projects into referrals that will help you land the big fish.

Connect with Your Colleagues

If you are working a traditional part-time or full-time job and freelancing on the side, the colleagues you work with every day can be valuable marketing tools in their own right. By connecting with them on social media and talking with them in real life, you can build interest for your freelancing endeavors and start to build the network you will need to expand your operations.

If you have already gone out on your own, reaching out to your former colleagues and business associates can be just as effective. Professional networking sites like LinkedIn are great places to start, but you can also use more traditional channels like Twitter and Facebook to spread the world and build interest about your new endeavors.

Show Off Your Expertise

No matter what your chosen field, establishing your expertise is a sure way to build your brand and land more clients. In the social media world, there are plenty of ways to establish your identity as an expert in your field and show off what you know.

From posting short videos on YouTube and sharing them on Facebook and Twitter to writing authoritative articles and white papers for professional social media sites, there are endless ways to showcase your expertise and build your brand. The more you post, the greater your voice will become, and that can be good news for your freelance business.

The world of work is changing rapidly, and that is a good thing for the nimble. If you are a hard worker, a fast learner and have the ability to change, you can turn the changes in the modern workplace to your advantage – and have a great time doing so.

The Advantages of Using Photoshop Overlays

No matter how many techniques photographers can use to edit their photos, one of the most effective to completely transform a photo is to add an overlay.

Adding an overlay can easily transform an ordinary photo into a very special one by adding a light flare, glimmer, sky replacement overlay, or other essential actions to help your workflow thrive!

The Advantages of Using Photoshop Overlays

Long gone are the days when the only ways to professionally edit a photo were to spend hours in the darkroom or to be a Photoshop master.

Now Photoshop overlays can come in handy when you want to transform your images. With a few clicks, you can create a beautiful work of art and differentiate your projects from any other.

Here you have some transformation examples:

Glimmers Photo Overlay

Light Flare:
Light Flare Photo Overlay

Newborn Actions Collection:
Newborn Action Photo Overlay width=

Lotus Photo Overlay

Floridian Skies:
Floridian Skies Photo Overlay

Photoshop overlays are very easy to use. Basically, all you have to do is drag and drop the textures in the Layers palette and then apply them to your images. Then, of course, you can continue to play with the levels of opacity, light, shadows, contrast, and make the overlays more or less obvious.The more photo tools you have to experiment with, the better.

How Photoshop Overlays Can Help You

  • Save your time

It is much faster to choose from thousands of ready-to-use textures that you can find online than to create them by yourself. There’s no need to walk around taking countless photos of sunsets, pavement and peeling paint.

  • Ease your work

You will add not only value to your creative designs but also a certain something that will make your projects different from any other, easier than ever.

  • Cut the limits of your imagination and creativity

They are versatile, with numerous areas of ready to use textures and designs that you can try and make everything look professional in a minute.
It can be incredibly handy to have many different photo overlays to choose from, because you may have to go through several to find the one that is the perfect fit for your photo.

  • Make quick and better decisions

Overlays can be a very helpful tool for professional photographers if they are deciding to show options to their clients. For example, professional photographers can display to their clients these different overlays so that they have a range of looks to choose from.

Try different effects on your photos, play around with ideas and let your imagination fly. If you want, you can try our Seasalt Overlays Bundle deal and see all by yourself.

WebToolHub: InkyDeals Ambassador Overview

This week it’s time for yet another InkyDeals Ambassador site overview. This weeks’ mention goes to WebToolHub.

As its name says, WebToolHub offers all the tools a web professional needs to understand where their internet property stands. From SEO and Rank checking tools to graphic resources, articles, and plugins for webmasters, the website has everything you want and need on the topic.

Speaking of articles, Web Tool Hub also has a very extensive collection of tutorials and other informative pieces that are sure to come in handy no matter what job you are undertaking on the web.

When you find yourself in need of web tools or resources this site is surely one of the first places to visit. Even more so now that you can find more of our exclusive deals and sales on it.