5 Best Halloween Deals In 2020

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With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to get spooky. If you need resources for invites, posters, and many others, you’ve come to the right place. No tricks here, just Spooktacular design treats.

  • 1000+ Halloween Photoshop Overlays & Lightroom Presets

We all want that perfect gloomy picture to post on Instagram on Halloween. After spending so much time on finding the perfect costume, of course, we want the entire world to see it.

Unless you don’t live near a forest, creating that Halloween atmosphere might be a bit tricky. This is why you need the amazing bundle of 1000+ Halloween Photoshop Overlays & Lightroom Presets. With it, you will be able to add mist, rain, thunder, and a gothic atmosphere to any photo and turn it into your favorite Halloween memory.

What’s Included Inside the 1000+ Halloween Overlays Pack?

  • 30 Vignette Photo Overlays
  • 40 Cracks Photo Overlays
  • 50 Fog Photo Overlays
  • 50 Golden Dust Photo Overlays
  • 50 Grunge Photo Overlays
  • 50 Bokeh Photo Overlays
  • 50 Light Leaks Photo Overlays
  • 50 Magic Photo Overlays
  • 50 Monochrome Grunge Overlays
  • 50 Rain Photo Overlays
  • 50 Realistic Fog Photo Overlays
  • 50 Realistic Lightning Overlays
  • 50 Spark Photo Overlays
  • 50 Sparkle Photo Overlays
  • 50 Vintage Photo Overlays
  • 500 Halloween Lightroom Presets


  • 25 Scary Halloween Fonts 

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about when you add to it a matching text written in a spooky font? It will bring that extra something to your Halloween posts.

Here’s the bundle you need: 25 Scary Halloween Fonts to up your Halloween game. But wait for a second, they are indeed fonts with a little ”boo”, but that doesn’t mean you have to limit using them on Halloween. Get this amazing font collection and use the fonts on various projects all year round: you can use them for movie posters, band T-shirts, prints, Social Media, and many others. 


  • The Scary Halloween Bundle 

Did you always dream about creating the perfect Halloween poster? Well, your time has come! The Scary Halloween Bundle has everything you need to create a design that stands out.

With this bundle, the sky is the limit! You can choose from and combine 4400+ scary Halloween resources such as skulls, blood, pumpkins on the head, and scary eyes to create haunting designs.

The Scary Halloween Bundle gets you out of trouble no matter the Halloween project on your mind: it can be anything from Social Media images, posters, invitations to greeting cards, and much more!


  • The Halloween Party Elements Bundle [Freebie]

Aaaaand, I present to you the star of this article, the Halloween freebie! Creating awesome Halloween designs this year is not only easy but also free if you pick The Halloween Party Elements Bundle [Freebie]. The bundle gives you access to 60+ scary elements perfect for creating spooky posters, invitations, T-Shirts, Social Media posts, and anything scary that could come to mind.

60+ Amazing Halloween Elements Included in This Bundle:

  • 22 Mix Elements
  • 14 Pumpkin & friends
  • 10 Flags & Florals
  • 15 Silhouette
  • 5 Watercolor Splashes


  • Halloween Scene Creators [Freebie]

Boohoo, Boohoo, these scenes were created especially for you! You can use the Halloween Scene Creators to promote any business on Halloween. The templates are versatile and allow you to adapt the design according to your needs.

You have 8 Scene Creators and more than 100 elements to play around with as you please. Add a skull on a sofa, but a creepy candle on a table, near the bowl of soup, or put the photo of a necklace in a spooky frame. This freebie gives you the freedom to combine as you please and create amazing Social Media posts, website banners, or even posters for your clients. What are you waiting for, it’s free!

8 Scene Creators Includes:

  • 100+ Elements
  • Lighting Effects
  • Background Texture

On Halloween, it’s your chance to stand out with an amazing photo or design and get the appreciation of your fans. So, don’t wait! Stock up on Spooktacular resources to create unforgettable designs this Halloween!

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