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How to Use Photo Overlays While Editing Images?

The Conceptual Understanding of Overlay Basics Overlays are a perfect way to add characterization and contrast to your pictures. They could be used to incorporate brightness, lens flares, snow, rain, sound, smoke, and several other forms of effects. The most remarkable feature is that it could be found on all editions of Photoshop and any… Continue reading

Different Ways to Create Snow in Photoshop

Introduction (The Rise of Photoshop) Everything has evolved throughout the last two centuries, particularly in the fields of art and culture. The digital transformation brought on by introducing powerful yet inexpensive computers now has a significant influence on the media environment. More precisely, however, the role of images and photo editing software, in particular Photoshop,… Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About Lightroom Presets

Lightroom is an incredible tool for organizing, cataloguing, editing and viewing your photographs. It’s worth taking your time exploring all the features of Lightroom, but if you’ve just installed it the chances are you’re looking to get presets working as soon as possible. This guide takes you through everything you need to know about presets… Continue reading

How To Get Your Photography Noticed

Every photographer wants people to discover his/her hard work by admiring the photos they click. They seek the audience and get noticed for their work. In short, to get your photography noticed you have to produce, create, innovate unique and amazing photos in your career. But if we elaborate it you will find a few… Continue reading