Fun Facts – Fonts Edition

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Did you know that we love fonts? You can definitely tell that from our font bundle collections! This is why we decided to come up with some facts about fonts! Enjoy!

  1. Did you know that some fonts are representative of different types of personalities?
  • Times New Roman, Arial, and Cambria are the representatives of balanced people;
  • The emphatic characters resonate with Impact and Georgia;
  • If you feel creative, then Gigi or Kristen is the perfect font for you.

2. Did you know that three fonts can make you read at precisely the same speed? Of course, we have to point out that the size of the text, color, and type (italic, bold or regular) have to be the same? Those three fonts are Arial, Verdana and Times New Roman.

3. Did you know that Comic Sans is the most untrustworthy font? It is considered an infantile font, being created for children’s materials, so people tend to not take seriously what you write in this typeface.

4. Did you know that Arial is an “unemotional font”? If you feel like Loki, then Arial is the font to express indifference. For a “no hard feelings” resignation, this is the most appropriate font.

5. Did you know that Geneva is the font which represents integrity? The honesty and calm will come up from that piece of writing when using Geneva.

We hope that our “Did you know” section will help with your future endeavors. If you know other interesting facts about fonts and typography, let us hear them, too! Write them in the comments section!

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