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Free Metal Textures For Beautiful Designs

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Importance of Metal textures

The metal texture is a very important element in the building of any building. It helps the buildings to look good and attractive. In the various kinds of construction work, such as making a house, bridge, road, or any other constructional work, metal texture plays an important role. In the same measures, we define metal textures as a combination of 3D details for a surface. This article will show you how to make a metallic texture for your 3d models with simple steps and without any artistic background knowledge.

There are a lot of advantages of using a metallic (Metal) texture for your 3D model:

  1. Metallic textures will make your 3D model look more realistic. And it will make it stand out from the crowd. You can use the same textures you use in your scene, but with a metallic surface, they will look very different.
  2. A metallic texture is suited for sci-fi, industrial, and futuristic settings where metal parts attract attention to their associated object.
  3. Using textures that are difficult to paint or draw by hand will require a lot of time and effort. Hence it is advisable to work with textures that are not difficult to create.
  4. Metal materials greatly affect light bounce and reflection, which is why it is better if you use a metallic texture compared to other types of texture because the light will bounce more easily off your object.
  5. A metallic texture will give an object a nice shine when you use the material in a scene.
  6. Metal textures are very useful for creating a realistic look to your 3D objects. They will help you make your model more attractive and appealing.

How can you use metal textures and create beautiful designs?

Metal textures are present in several places, they can be used in different ways and for various purposes. You can use them in your 3D model, and you can also add them to photos or images. A good thing about metal textures is that they are ideal for use with different types of types, whether it’s a 3D model or a 2D image. In most cases, they are used in scenes or models related to the future, e.g., sci-fi, industrial, or any technological design.

Here are some examples of how you can use these textures:

  1. Artists use these textures for creating realistic scenes and objects.
  2. Photographers use them to complete a photo or image. They can also use them to make the background of an image more attractive or add fake details to a product photo.
  3. Web designers can use these textures to create appealing designs.
  4. Illustration designers can also use these textures and apply them in their work. It is better to add these textures to the outline drawings, making them more appealing and attractive.
  5. You can also use these textures for creating your backgrounds, 3d models, and projects, moreover, for designing your own merch.
  6. Metal texture images can give a 3D model a shiny look or make it more appealing.

One way to use a metal texture is by using it in your 3D model. For example, you can use a metallic material in your product or car models to give it that extra spark and life. You can also use metal surfaces as part of your street or city design. This way, you can give all the buildings, cars, and environments a new look by adding bright accents with the right textures.

You can also use metal textures to add shine and shine to your images. For example, if you create a paint effect in Adobe Photoshop, you can use metal surfaces with high reflectivity (like gold or silver) as highlights. You can also use them in dark backgrounds or in a black box to give the image more depth and life.

The possibilities are endless when using metal surfaces because they can be used on any model or image.

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A list of free websites where you can find free metal textures

  • Free PBR –

Free PBR provides 2K resolution materials or textures with normal and specular maps for free. You can also easily have your 3D texture when you decide to support the website.

  • Architecture Inspirations –

Architecture Inspirations offers several freely downloadable 3D textures and models in 1K high resolution (1K). You can choose your free texture or choose from the entirety of available designs.

  • 3D Textures –

It is a website providing 3D high-quality free textures. Users can download 2K resolution textures and other materials for use in their projects.

  • Texturer –

This is a good website for animators, designers, web designers, and 3D artists. It has plenty of creative resources.

  • –

This is a digital picture library where you can freely download 1K resolution images. Some of the textures have normal, specular, roughness, and metallic properties.

  • 3DXO –

The website offers over 500 free textures that you can easily download

  • Subtle Patterns –

The site offers high-quality free resources of tillable textured patterns.

  • Poliigon –

It offers approximately 54 free quality 6K resolution fixtures for download, such as concrete, plaster, wood, metal, etc.

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