The Freelance Designer’s Toolkit for Faster Workflow

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Don’t you just wish that there were better design resources to help you create your designs faster? Everywhere you go, people are talking about design. In fact, it has on several occasions been hailed as the core ingredient for successful ad campaigns to products. But still, regardless of how popular graphic design has become over the years, we are yet to find a way to make the workflow faster.

In this blog post, we will cover all the design resources you need to quicken your workflow and still come up with stunning masterpieces while at it.

5000 Realistic Photo Overlays

In an overall sense, the 5000 photo overlays are one of the most diverse collections of overlays used by designers for a number of reasons. But from a faster workflow perspective, here’s why you should be using the 5000 realistic photo overlays:

It features a wide range of realistic HD photos to choose from meaning you won’t have to spend time customizing your own which will save you precious time. Some of the overlays include:

• glitter effect photo overlays
• light bokeh overlays
• color waves photo overlays
• bokeh heart overlays
• abstract blurred light leaks
natural sunlight photo overlays
• Over 50 abstract & blurry lights photo overlays
• Over 100 smoke photo overlays
• rain photo overlays
• rainbow bokeh photo overlays
• spring light leaks photo overlays
• snowflake photo overlays
• abstract light leaks overlays
• night sky overlays
• golden dust photo overlays
• fireworks overlays
• romantic sky overlays
• 50 frozen overlays
• Over 100 golden bokeh photo overlays
• red rose petals overlays
• confetti overlays
• silver bokeh photo overlays
• Over 60 fog photo overlays
• grunge & grain photo overlays

You can easily adjust the overlays to fit your image.

The overlays are compatible with Photoshop Elements, Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, gimp and Pic monkey.

1000 Unique Lightroom Presets Bundle

The 1000 unique Lightroom presets bundle makes it easy to create amazing effects with just but a click of the mouse. Better yet, it includes more than 1000 Lightroom presets to help turn your normal photos into beautiful unique pieces of art.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the Lightroom presets included in the bundle

• 110 fashion presets
• 230 winter presets
• 60 wonderland presets
• Over 60 avantgarde presets
• 24 unique HDR presets
• 150 portrait presets
• 50 Instagram presets
• 140 travel presets
• 77 glamur presets
• 110 duotone presets

1 TB & 3 TB Cloud Storage

It’s called the cloud storage because you can stock images and back up all your external drives, hard disks, and network drives and even save an extra copy of your backup for faster recovery. If you struggle with losing your data, this tool will definitely be a life changer for you.


3000 Textured Backgrounds Bundle

The 3000 Hi-Resolution Textured Bundle is one of the most versatile design resources out there. It is packed with ready to use textured background s such as wood textures, paper textures, concrete background, etc.. And the best part is that you get to do all your creative work within the shortest time possible.

Here’s why you should be using the 3000 Textured Backgrounds Bundle:

• It comes with a commercial license so you can use the backgrounds again and again.
• It has a wide variety of styles to choose from.
• You get a few bonus PSD files.
• You get to create high resolution images of 4256px, 4000px, 300dpi and 6000px.

Brand + Blog Styling Bundle

The Brand and Blog Styling Bundle is a nifty tool that pushes your business branding to the next level. In addition to helping you create elegant and stylish images for your branding needs, you can use over 30 bundles in this bundle for your product presentation and headers.


The ability to create catchy visual content is an important and vital aspect in ensuring that ad campaigns gain the traction they need. And even if you are not enjoying a faster workflow now, with a bit of practice, the tools above can come to your rescue and make your creative design workflow a lot faster.

If you want to enjoy faster workflow and achieve more results, you need one or more of these design resources at your disposal.

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