How To Give Stunning Effects To Your Photos

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Being associated with the digital world would demand several tasks to be done. And, regardless of the domain, the need to put up amazing and alluring pictures never becomes obsolete.

After all, images are one of the best ways to attract more customers and boost the conversion rate, right? However, just clicking pictures and putting them up isn’t the only thing to be done. Even the most attractive straight-from-the-camera pictures need touching and editing.

When it comes to giving stunning effects to your photos, the entire process may seem a bit tedious. But, if done in the right manner, it can be surely exciting and fun. So, whether you are an editor or learning editing, this post will help you do your best.

Choose the Correct File Format:

Choose the Correct File Format

Every picture that you are going to take would be edited digitally in some or the other way. Just by pressing the shutter button, your camera is going to save the picture data in the memory card. However, if you are capturing in RAW format, your camera will just record the image data in the memory card, and you’d have to develop it later all by yourself.

Initially, your camera will allow you to define some profiles, like saturation, contrast, sharpness, and more. Hence, shooting in JPG lets the camera to process the picture automatically, based on some profiles that are pre-defined.

For this particular reason, experts recommend shooting in RAW. Although it might be more work, however, it gives you the control to edit the image however you’d want, without any restrictions. So, before you begin the editing part, make sure you are selecting the file format adequately.

Select the Best Tool:

There is no denying the fact that the internet is flooded with superior and exceptional photo editing tools. There are tools for advanced level professionals, while there are some that are appropriate for beginners.

So, considering your level of expertise, choose the tool that would match your requirements in a best possible way. Not just that, but the tool should also have a precise number of features to help you attain goals.

If you think that buying the premium version of an excellent tool wouldn’t work out for you, don’t worry! You can step ahead and buy a bundle comprising features proficient enough to help you edit pictures with ease. There are several bundles as well, such as a complete Photoshop Actions Bundle and more.

Giving Attention to Details:

In this digitally advanced world, people tend to notice even the minor detail in a picture. Therefore, as an editor, it becomes your responsibility to make the image perfect enough. To do this, you must be paying attention to every detail.

Most of the times, people use spot healing brush to get rid of distractions from an image. However, you can even try and use healing brush if you want to pick up your points. While editing an image, a healing brush will help you remove pimples or any inconsistency present on the skin.

Not just that, but you’d be able even to remove distractions from the background. Right from landscapes to sports shots, images of people or any other thing, healing brush can work on every type of picture.

Using Clone Stamp:

Generally, when it comes to lightning an image, most people use clone stamp. This tool is advantageous enough if used on skin or backgrounds. However, it would work at its best only if used with up to 15% opacity.

Furthermore, while using clone stamp, you must keep in mind that you are only using it in such areas that don’t have enough detailing. For instance, you can use this feature with shots clicked in natural light as they wouldn’t have profound detailing.

However, it would be recommended to use this feature only when you think using frequency separation wouldn’t make any difference. If not clone stamp, you can even use Photoshop Add-ons to blend transitions or edit patterns.

Cropping Pictures:

Cropping Pictures

Cropping pictures is one of the quickest and excellent ways to give them a stunning effect. With cropping, not just you can take out the disrupting areas but can also zoom in and only show the focal point to your audience.

Furthermore, cropping can also be done to change the image composition completely. While cropping, you can consider keeping the image in one of these three ways:

  • To its original dimension
  • As a 6 x 5 resolution that would fit precisely
  • Or, as a square

While cropping an image, the only thing that you should keep in mind is that you shouldn’t make the image look too small. At least, it should be approximately 600px in width to look perfect enough.

Adjusting Brightness & Effects:

Adjusting Brightness & Effects

Enhancing the brightness of an image is, undoubtedly, a great way to make it look alluring. However, you’d only want this enhancement option if you are clicking insides or at a dim location. Of course, images do look good when they are bright, but they shouldn’t exceed the limit of brightness, or else your efforts will go in vain.

While you are busy increasing the image brightness, be wary of those massive white spots that may appear if the image had anything light-colored, metallic, or shiny. Although you shouldn’t take your brightness game to this level that those spots appear, still, if you do, then take care of them.

To make your images look classier and elegant, you can even give them a smoke effect. If you are finding it difficult to find the best and appropriate smoke effect, you can use this toolkit, meant to provide striking effects to your pictures.

Adding Text to Image:

In most of the cases, adding text to images can make them look amazing. Also, it is even great if you are going to share them on social media, such as Instagram and Pinterest. So, if you are contemplating to add text, later on, keep this thing in mind whole time you are going to capture or crop the image.

You aren’t going to add text above the product. And, shouldn’t, either. Therefore, it is always best to leave some uncluttered space where you can simply add text. Furthermore, if you think that your image is fairly filled up, you can even consider adding the text to the top.

Another best way to add text without having enough space is adding a somewhat transparent overlay. You can easily find an extensive collection of shapes, actions, and vector images on the internet. You can even try out this Professional bundle that comes with 2500+ Photoshop Actions & Vectors.  

Adjusting Colors:

Adjusting Colors

If you think that enhancing the brightness has made the entire picture look pale or it is appearing washed out, then you can play with the saturation game. After all, there is nothing that saturation cannot fix, isn’t it?

Whether you have taken the picture outside or inside, you can always increase the saturation. With this, you’d be able to expand the colors in the image and make them look even more striking and vibrant.

However, if you are photographing something that you are going to sell, make sure that you aren’t taking away the originality of the picture completely. This means, try and be realistic about the real colors of the image.

You have the freedom to adjust colors in almost every way, be it altering the warmth of the picture or individually enhancing the saturation and hue of particular colors inside a picture.

One of the best ways to change colors in an image is by Saturation. With this tool, you can enhance the overall appearance of colors by making it look either more saturated or less. You can even use this tool to desaturate a picture, which will eventually result in a black and white picture, devoid of colors.

Or, you can even consider upping the game of saturation altogether and making the image completely saturated.

However, some images may even demand a considerable balance of saturation that would make the entire image look unnatural but striking. While desaturation and oversaturation may help you get an excellent outcome, however, sometimes, you may look out for a midpoint – where the saturation part won’t be too high or too low.


Whether you are an editor, designer, or just making money out of photography – knowing advantageous techniques and tactics will surely help you add striking effects to your photos and gain an amazing outcome.

However, you must always be wary of software or tricks that you’d be using. Right from high-end software to Photoshop Actions, there is so much to explore and try on the internet. So, before you take the plunge, keep your image requirements in mind. If you are working on a project for a client, then make sure that you have their expectations cleared out as well.

At the end of the day, let your imagination flow on the images and give them stunning effects.

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