Tweet and Win 5x $50 Gift Cards to Spend on Inky Deals!

As you probably already know, Inky has put together an impressive Free Web Design Bundle containing 471 free premium resources along with SitePoint, Designmodo, Vandelay Premier and many others. You can download the bundle instantly and also win some cool prizes by helping Inky promote it.

What can you win?

By participating, you instantly get a chance to win one of the five $50 gift cards offered by Inky. You can use it to buy your favorite design deals – from vectors to templates, patterns, Photoshop brushes, icons, customizable logos, web elements and much more. Or splurge on one of his famous design bundles. Go nuts.

How to participate:

Send out a tweet about the Free Web Design Bundle, adding the special hash tag #inkyfreebundle. To make sure you do it right, just copy and paste this tweet on your profile and hit the Tweet button.

“Inky’s FREE Web Design Bundle: 471 Premium Resources #inkyfreebundle”

That’s it. Now good luck!

The giveaway ends Tuesday, March 26th. The winners will be chosen through and announced here, on Inky’s blog on March 27th.

Giga Bundle Giveaway Winners & Pinky’s Reveal!

The much awaited Valentine’s Day is finally here. And aside from the heart-shaped candy, presents and all the love floating in the air, Inky has another reason for you to celebrate. From the hundreds of participants who have voted on how the lovely Pinky should look like, three lucky winners will receive today three free copies of Inky’s Giga Bundle!

Inky would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your part in helping him find happiness. Pinky #1 was the most popular followed by Pinky #2 as a close second. She will make our little Inky a very happy blob. They both wish you a happy Valentine’s Day!

P.S.: As a special ‘Thank you’ for those who participated in the giveaway and voted their favorite Pinky, Inky will send you a $5 discount coupon today – so keep an eye on your inbox!

Choose Inky’s Valentine & Get a Chance to Win a Free Giga Bundle!

When there’s a will, there’s a way! That’s what you proved by commenting and helping us create an amazing Valentine for our beloved Inky. Or three, to be exact. So we need your help one more time to decide how the lovely Pinky should look like (great name suggestion, by the way). And we thought – what better way to do this than through a giveaway?

Vote in the online form below, automatically enter the giveaway and get a chance to win one of the three free Giga Bundles that Inky’s offering!

Fill out the online form to pick a Pinky!


You only have 48 hours to vote, help us choose the perfect Pinky and enter the giveaway. The three lucky winners will be chosen through and announced here on the blog on Valentine’s Day by both Inky and Pinky. Good luck!

Help Inky Find His Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and love is in the air. No one should be alone on this particular holiday – and when I say this, I’m thinking about Inky.

The little guy is quite the workaholic – always busy gathering resources, setting up the best deals and we all love him for that. But it didn’t leave him any time to find a Valentine.


So far, Cupid’s nowhere in sight so we’ve decided to take matters into our hands and find Inky a match. Or, even better, design him the perfect one! We only have a week left to create the blob of his life so this is where we need your help: how should she look like?

Leave a comment below with how you would imagine Inky’s Valentine. Help us make the little guy happy!

The Christmas Giveaway Winners

The time has come to reveal the 5 lucky winners of Inky’s Christmas Giveaway!

Drum roll…

Before we make the big announcement, Inky just wanted to thank you for all of your warm holiday wishes and kind words. He almost melted into a little blue puddle and is proud to be your friend, because you’re awesome.

Congratulations to:

1. Crabcakes for winning the Ginormous Christmas Bundle and the Designer’s Treasure Chest

2. Noella Chase for winning the Photoshop Resources Giga Pack

3. Ranx Ho for winning the Photoshop Styles Bundle

4. Major Spacecase for winning More than 4,400 Royalty-Free Vectors

5. Fatima for winning the Premier Photoshop Brushes Mega Bundle

We’ll contact you by email to give you your prizes, so keep a close eye on your inbox. Happy holidays!

Christmas Giveaway! Win a Free Bundle or Your Favorite Deal

Deck the hall with boughs of holly Fa la la la la la la la la, ‘Tis the season to be jolly…

‘Tis the season to be jolly indeed, because Inky is Santa’s little digital helper this year. And he’s prepared a ton of surprises and holiday specials, just for you. This giveaway is one of them and it’s particularly awesome because it offers you the chance to win the popular Ginormous Christmas Bundle: $2185 worth of design resources for just $49. There will be 5 lucky winners in total, take a look at how you can be one of them!

What can you win?

– The first place winner will receive his/her free copy of Inky’s Ginormous Christmas Bundle plus a free copy of a deal of their choice.
– The winners from 2nd to 5th place will each receive a free copy of a deal of their choice, chosen from Inky’s active deals section. (Attention! You can choose from any of the active deals on the site, except the bundle!)

How to enter the contest:

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell Inky what your favorite deal is and why (excluding the bundle).

The winners will be chosen through and will be announced here, on Inky’s blog Thursday, December 20th. Hurry up and take your chance to win a Christmas present from Inky!