This Halloween, A Spooky Contest Is Heading This Way

It’s that time of the year again when everyone is restless, looking over their shoulders even.

Who’s there? You ask while looking back anxiously.

Shadows glide out of view only to linger shortly in the corner of your eye. Are you seeing things? Or maybe there actually is something lurking around the corner.

Well, as you might have guessed Halloween is closing in and Inky has been pulling this kind of tricks all week. A question still remains: What devilish creature has he costumed as?

The answer will be your responsibility because this contest can only be won by the most imaginative and scary creations you can muster.

Here’s what you need to do: Go to Inky’s Facebook page and download InkyDeals PNG logo. Once you have the logo unleash the wildest, scariest and most terrifying corners of your imagination and suit Inky up. For the last step make Inky’s costume known to the entire world by attaching it in a comment at Inky’s Halloween Facebook post: Halloween Costume Contest.

Don’t worry you won’t go through all this trouble without some tasty treats waiting for you when you are done. How tasty? Well, we have 5 Infinity Bundles (worth $6,500)  ready for the top 5 scariest costumes plus a $100 Amazon Gift Card for the scariest of the five.

Note: Get Inky suited up as fast as possible because the contest ends Monday, October 31 at Midnight. Spooky!

If you just plan to watch all the festivities and costumes unfold on Facebook, remember that we also have a 50% promotion on all the deals on our website.

Update: The result of the contest are in.

Here are the winners of Inkys’ Halloween contest:

  1. Sol Visi – Winner of the grand prize consisting of $100 Amazon Gift card and an Infinity Bundle
  2. Denice Alicea Mullinex – Winner of an Infinity Bundle
  3. Judy Jordan – Winner of an Infinity Bundle
  4. Sue Lee – Winner of an Infinity Bundle
  5. David Simmons – Winner of an Infinity Bundle

All of the winners mentioned above will be contacted by our Support team to claim their prizes.

Orphic Pixel: InkyDeals Ambassador Overview

Similar to last week, we will present our newest Ambassador site, Orphic Pixel. Visit their website here, for exclusive deals and awesome promotions.

To get a feel for what Orphic pixel is all about we must say that we are very pleased to welcome such a wonderfully curated page within our Ambassador ranks. offers extensive information on many various topics. From website security, web hosting and SEO to Marketing tips, conversion optimization, and web design, Orphic Pixel has it all covered. On top of everything, their site is very well structured so you can easily find what you are looking for without spending too much time searching.

Piqued your interest? If Orphic Pixel sounds like something you’d be interested in reading, you can find them and our exclusive and awesome promotions here.

The Soul of Design: Inky Deals’ Newest Ambassador Website

Recently, The Soul of Design became one of InkyDeals’ proud ambassadors. Keep an eye out on their site for exclusive promotions and deals soon to come.

Their website, is an awesome collection of web design and technology news. They cover everything about emerging technologies from Google, Facebook, and Android. All of the news, coupled with specific articles dedicated to SEO practices and WordPress and Blogger themes create the perfect collection of information for internet professionals.

If you find yourself in need of more information on the topics mentioned above, give The Soul of Design a read and at the same time you’ll find all the scrumptious promotions and exclusive deals from InkyDeals as well.

Inky’s Community Choice: Make your own bundle

This time we’ve thought long and hard and decided we’d put the choice of resources and creation of a bundle in the InkyDeals community’s hands.

All you have to do is leave a comment below until tomorrow September 21st, 2:00 PM (GMT+3) with your choice of 5 deals out of the following list:

The most mentioned combination of deals found in the comments will then become the first ever community chosen InkyDeals Bundle. After all is said and done you will be able to purchase the resulting bundle at a greatly discounted price of $99.


So what are you waiting for? Make your choice, cast your vote and design your way.

7 Unusual Facts About InkyDeals Users

(this article is illustrated with a photo of a cute cat because that’s how all funny articles online are)

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering if we have any strange or  not so ordinary data about our users. So I had a look inside the data of our Analytics account and see if I can come up with some interesting facts and create a small funny article about our audience, this is what I’ve discovered.

Unusual Fact #1

We have a lot of Cooking Enthusiasts on the website.

Given the sheer number of Facebook posts and Youtube videos related to food, everyone likes cooking, or maybe just eating? I don’t know, I’m thinking cooking recipes should be up on our website soon.

Unusual Fact #2

44% of people visiting our website are women, but men spend more on our website. 67% of transactions are attributed to men.

We never thought of out products as more appealing to one sex more than the other. Frankly, we’ve always believed the everything on our platform falls into the “unisex” category. I guess these numbers proved us wrong, though.

Unusual Fact #3

People over 65 have the best conversion rate, over 4%.

Well, now we know who we should market to. These people like us the most, we should reward them somehow.

Unusual Fact #4

Two people from Vatican visited us.

Vatican City has a population of just 451 and a couple of them know about us, I think this is AWESOME.

Unusual Fact #5

A few people from Monaco have bought from us.

Well, this is a surprise, our deals are too good to be missed. We’re glad we can help save a few bucks in places as luxurious as Monaco.

Unusual Fact #6

India is the third country in terms of visits received, but we only get 0.6% of our income from there.

I’m glad to see that our freebies are held in such high regard. I do hope they enjoy our freebies and use them wisely.

Unusual Fact #7

On mobile, Blackberry users don’t buy from us.

What is Blackberry? Is this still a thing?

If you want to share some funny/unusual stuff about yourselves, feel free to do it in the comments.

Inky’s Mid-Summer Sweepstakes – Enter to Win

It’s already the middle of summer and because it’s so hot outside, we’ve thought about providing you with a distraction from the heat outside. That’s why we’re opening the Mid-Summer Sweepstakes contest that will last until the end of this month.

All you have to do is rack up a minimum of $50 in purchases by the end of the month and you’ll be automatically entered in the competition. We have over 80 active products for you to choose from, so making the $50 minimum will be a breeze.

mid-summer sweepstakes

By the end of the month we will randomly select one lucky winner will receive a$200 Amazon Gift Card.

The contest will last until the July, 31and the winners will be announced on August, 1st.

What are you waiting for? Make a minimum $50 in purchases and enter our Mid-Summer Sweepstakes .