Photoshop Like A Pro: Use These Photoshop Skin Retouching Brushes

Digital photography and photo editing software including Photoshop skin retouching brushes have brought endless digital image capture and editing possibilities.

Professional photographers, veterans and novices alike can now take hundreds of photo shoots within a few hours thanks to image-capture technology that comes with today’s digital cameras, smartphones and other image-capture devices.

Besides having to balance between the various light exposures and other professional photography ‘stunts’, pushing the shutter button is a cherry pie.

As a matter of fact, some cameras come with countdown shutter option and even the ‘auto-shutter’ to capture images. So capturing images is not the hardest part of the job.

It Never Ends With The Camera

Veteran photographers will tell you that state of the art photography never ends with the camera; it never did.

Though this is still a debatable subject in the court of public opinion, it is a straightforward fact that it is practically impossible or quite a difficult task to exclusively fix photo defects like low-light effects, removing blemishes, smoothing uneven skin tones or defining a particular facial feature using your digital camera.

So you see? Photo retouching is a subject that concerns us all and these professional Photoshop skin retouching brushes from the Eldamar Studio provide the solution.

The Eldamar Studio Retouching Package

Comprising of 80 different professional skin retouching brushes and 50 Photoshop retouching actions, this special package holds your ticket to the most outstanding retouched photos you’ve ever created.

The package offers smart, intuitive, extremely efficient and reliable approach to accomplishing various photo retouching tasks, from simple to complex. What’s more? It comes at a discounted price of $29.00 on PhotoWhoa!

Your goal as a photographer is getting a skin that looks great while at the same time preserving its natural beauty. This is hard to get just right especially if Photoshop is not your usual cup of tea.

While carefully applied make-up and a well lit room are the main components of a good-looking skin in a photograph, retouching will take your portrait to a whole new level. This is where the Eldamar Studio Retouching package comes in.

This professional skin retouching actions package will allow you to retouch images without having to learn complex photo editing techniques on Photoshop.

Use airbrush and heal the skin like a veteran photo editor with just a single click! Instantly learn how to bring life to a photo with the Eldamar Studio Retouching package.

Features Of The Eldamar Studio Retouching Package

50 Photoshop retouching actions

80 skin professional retouching actions and brushes

Professional looking results instantly

Used by professionals

Photoshop Actions

This package allows you to edit specific areas of your photos with every action drawing you nearer to the perfect image you imagined. Here are a few perks that the Eldamar Studio Retouching package will offer.

Select skin tones- with face detection

Mattify skin- to make it look less oily

Skin airbrushing– Use airbrushing actions to smoothen out the skin and produce sharper skin details

Brighten eyes- Bring light to eyes and reduce eye redness. This will retain the color of the pupil by preventing shadows

Teeth whitener- Remove yellowness to get white pearly teeth

Reduce redness– Improve skin tones by reducing skin inflammation

Darken eyelashes and eyebrows– Without masking, change up the color is eyebrows and lashes

Lip enhancer- Easily makes lips look fuller and sharper

Highlight and contour- This action defines the face by giving it sharp and soft details

Local contrast- This action improves contrast on images taken with low quality lens

High pas contrast– Increase clarity on airbrushed skin using this action

Super sharpen- Apply a pixel-sharp sharpening effect that can be altered by changing the opacity

Diffused glow- Add a natural glow to the surface. The diffused glow effect only affects the highlights

Wrap up

Modern photography requires every photographer to understand retouching tools. While the foundation of great editing lies in the raw photo itself, using Photoshop skin retouching brushes will help you get a finished product from a raw shot. Happy editing!

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