How to Redesign Your Website and Not Lose Position

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If you are thinking about redesigning your site and implementing some user-friendly improvements, this is definitely a great idea! A website redesign can bring really good results to your business and attract new clients, especially if these changes are made competently and correctly. But do not forget that redesign can also hurt if you do not approach this issue responsibly. For example, innovations can have a significant impact on your rankings and search position. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, let’s figure out how to make a new website design correctly and stay in the Google ranking.

Why and how to track the ranking positions?

Before making any changes to your website, you need to capture your actual SEO parameters, like the most visited pages, ranking positions, the load speed, etc. After you have made the changes, you compare new metrics with previous ones and understand if you need to fix anything. Actually, it’s good to track your positions and analyze them not only after you have done any changes. Do a research at least every week so as not to miss the moment when everything changed for the worse.

There are special services to track the actual positions of your site in the search results. For example, you can use the SE Ranking tool to monitor your ranking and always be on the alert in case of any critical changes. It is a really comfortable and easy way to control your site’s positions and not only with the tracking tool but also with other SEO services that you can find on this platform. 

What can negatively affect search results?

You may have heard stories from others about how their websites lost their positions after the changes were made. Unfortunately, this does happen, and often SEO specialists spend more than one day to identify the problem and find solutions. Below are a few factors that can negatively affect your position in search results.

Completely redesigned site structure

If you are going to make so many changes to your site that it will completely affect its structure, this is a really big risk. What could go wrong? When creating a new structure and new pages, you will have a lot of new URLs, which must also be taken into account. After such changes, your ranking position will definitely change. 

 The solution to this issue will also be building a redirect from new URLs to the required domains, but in this case, there will be more work, and it is painstaking. Make up your redirect scheme in advance so that it is not a critical issue and does not take a lot of your time and money after innovating on the site.

Content changings 

If you plan to keep the site’s position in the ranking, then you should leave all the content from the previous version and provide a place for it on the updated site. If you delete part of the text or simply forget to transfer it, you may accidentally eliminate all the necessary keywords for your search, in particular, you should pay attention to the titles and tags.

 The solution to this problem may be to save all the necessary metadata since it is this information that search engines use to create ratings.

Unadapted mobile version of the site

One of the reasons for the drop in the rating may be that you do not adapt your site for a mobile device. Yes, now this is a really important and weighty question since many users make searches on the Internet from their phones, and not from computers. Therefore, when redesigning a website, make sure that the mobile version gets along well with the devices and does not negatively affect search results.

Website loading speed changes

If you fill your site more and more, add new materials, media content, and so on, then the page load speed can significantly decrease. This will entail a drop in your position in the ranking, as you know very well that ranking is also based on data on the site’s loading speed.

The solution to this problem will be a full audit of the site after the redesign, and if problems with the speed are found, you can increase it to the required indicators and not get lost in the ranking when searching.

Subdomains in the site structure

If you decide to add sections to the site and don’t worry about rebuilding the entire site base for the new version, then most likely you will be disappointed and the rating will drop. Most likely Google will identify these separated parts as two separate and independent sites with their own background, so naturally, their position will be lower than the site position before the reconstruction. New subdomains can also disrupt the linking system since links will no longer be taken into account in new versions. Therefore, you should be careful with this issue. 

 The solution to this problem can be setting up redirects to the necessary subdomains, then the structure of the site will remain coherent and harmonious. Also, add the new subdomains to the Search Console.

Take a holistic approach to SEO promotion of your website

It’s a good idea to focus on improving your site’s rankings not only during or after a redesign but on an ongoing basis. If you are concerned about staying on top and not losing ground, you should constantly monitor and develop your site. This includes everything: keyword search and injection, site audits and competitor analysis, backlinks building, content speed, and quality control.


Summarizing all aspects, we can say: even small flaws can significantly affect the search results, so it is important to keep these points in mind and follow the advice above. Namely:

  • try to maintain the basic structure of your page and avoid major changes;
  • when introducing new pages and parts of the site, take care of redirects;
  • do not change the text information and site’s content, preserve important metadata;
  • check all the links that you include and make sure everything works;
  • don’t forget about the users that open your site from their smartphones and create a good mobile version;
  • check the page loading speed;
  • make the site as user-friendly as possible;

This simple list of actions should always be in sight, and then you will definitely not get a negative experience from your website redesign.

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