Who Scared the InkyDeals Team?

We meet once again to make the great announcement: who scared the InkyDeals team the most and won the jackpot! But first, I want to share some insights from Inky’s backstage with you guys: we had a really good time seeing our logo in scary Halloween costumes and we’ve been impressed by your ninja level of creativity!

inky_halloween_dressup_mail - contestants_540x540-01


Even tough it was a difficult job, we managed to select the 5 worthy winners. Say hello! to:

5th PlaceJózsef Vass – with her Inky Frida


4th Place: Tib Jun and his Inkskeleton


3rd Place:  Jeff W Ford  with his ever-glowing Inky Minion


2nd Place: Dana So and her Scarecrow-Inky


And the 1st Place goes to: Maria Elisabeta Cucu and her Jinkies


Congratulations to all of you! All the 5 creatives will receive their own copy of our brand new Graphtastic Bundle in the next 3 business days.

Happy Halloween party!



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  1. Donna October 30, 2015 at 4:01 pm

    The first place winner is RIGHT ON! Definitely an awesome inky!!

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