Studiomagic: An Amazing Photo Compositing Tool You Will Love

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Photoshop is an incredible and not-so-secret tool for both rookie and professional photographers. The tool can help photographers who want to make their images and photos truly shine.

The powerful and detailed app is the perfect program to improve your photos. Using this tool, you can make them ready for social media. Moreover, the new StudioMagic Photoshop Plug-In Bundle could add some fantastic components to your toolbox. The tool is great for adding photo effects, and doing photo editing.

You can buy this must-have and awesome bundle on sale for 88% off its original retail price. This deal is terrific. With this StudioMagic deal, you can make your images and photos look awesome. Studio Magic is a simple to install and extremely easy to use Photoshop composting tool. The tool includes amazing pro photo effects that can give a genuine “wow factor” to any of your photos and images.

With this photo editing tool, you could add moon, clouds, stars, rainbow or stunning lightning effects to your images. In addition, you can add gorgeous water reflections effects to make your photos more captivating.

What the Package Includes

You will get StudioMagic 1 as well as StudioMagic 2 plugins, which have the following amazing toolsets:

LightingEffex: To create beautiful effects that can mimic natural light
Reflections: For subtle images of mirror and water reflections
Compositor: To easily and quickly add many popular image enhancements such as a rainbow, a moon, or lightning
Enviro: To incorporate photo effects for various seasons
HyperZap:  Gives your photos a contemporary edge with Grunge Boost or Color Pop effects

StudioMagic 1 Editing Tools

It includes three photo editing tools which are as follows.

1. shadow caster

This is a valuable tool that adds shadows to any of your subjects; it can change time of day or light direction and then copy the exact same settings to more than one image in the same scene.
In addition, you may even save customized shadows as your presets.

2. CutOut

This valuable tool lets you select and remove specific subjects in a matter of minutes from various studio backgrounds even with in-depth edges and flying hair.
So, cut out and swap dull skies with dramatic and stunning LayerCake skies!

3. LightBrush

With this tool you can brush in more light and add focus to your images and photos. Paint in shafts of light and light beams for amazing and eye-catching drama!

And do not worry if you make mistakes, as you can click a key, and easily repaint what you removed!

For a photographer who needs an upgrade to his or her current workflow, the incredible StudioMagic Plug-In Bundle has all they may need. These fantastic plugins can make tweaking, enhancing and improving your photos and images a breeze.

You will be able to easily adjust and modify backgrounds and shadows, use composite presets in order to give your photos and images a new look, cut out subjects quickly, and complete detailed composites in just one click with StudioMagic’s incredibly powerful and valuable tools.

You can add reflections, add birds, change seasons, add snow, lightning and clouds, as well as create stunning and mind blowing sunsets, light rays and plenty of other beautiful effects.

StudioMagic 2 Plugins

This package has five great Photoshop plugins.

1. HyperZap

This tool is inspired by the spectacular look of modern movie posters and sports images, and gives an edge to your composites just like the professionals do it with amazing tools such as Grunge Boost and Color Pop.

2. Enviro

This is an amazing tool that lets you change entire seasons in just one click. You can choose from a variety of effects such as violent rain squalls, beautiful soft snow storms, low drifting fog banks, and even change daylight to a gorgeous sunset.
Some of the highlights are:
• Fogged in
• Season shifter
• Let it snow
• Rain maker
• Sunset

3. LightingEffex

With just a single click, you can add beautiful sun beams, natural light rays, bursts as well as edge lighting for more drama and impact. You can also balance or adjust ambient light color as well as temperature across several layers.

4. Reflections

This tool lets you create realistic and jaw-dropping mirror and water reflections in just one click that previously needed expensive studios and plenty of expensive equipment.

5. Compositor

With just a single click, you can add clouds to otherwise dull skies, light up the night sky using the stars and moon. Last but not the least you can catch that beautiful rainbow that you always tend to miss with your camera.
You can also include the impact of dramatic lightning or the calming and relaxing effect of a docile flock of geese.

Some of the highlights are:

  •  Moon Clock
  •  Cloud Creator
  •  Over the Rainbow
  •  Lightning Strikes
  •  Starry Night
  •  Birds and Flocks

Who is the StudioMagic 1 and StudioMagic 2 Ideal for?

These brilliant and easy to use tools are perfect for:

  • Print comp and Photoshop artists
  • Professional studios and photographers; these tools can save time on a variety of Photoshop tasks
  • Art directors and professional designers
  • Amateurs who like to play or experiment with images and photos
  • Compatibility and User Friendliness
  • The tools are powerful enough for professionals while sufficiently easy for amateurs to get familiar with
  • You can place effects in just one click, drag and drops are not required anymore
  • The tools are compatible with various LayerCake Virtual Sets or any sets that you make on your own!
  • The StudioMagic 2 Compositing panel is works with CS5 to CC 2015, which is great
  • Also, all of the LayerCake plugins and collections are compatible with Windows or Mac OS PCs
  • The package comes with full written as well as video tutorials to get you started

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