How To Make Video Marketing A Success For Your Business?

How To Make Video Marketing A Success For Your Business?

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We live in a world that is ever-changing and ever-advancing in all aspects. These advancements are aided by improvements in technology. Businesses who want to stay ahead of the competition will have to take advantage of these advancements in technology.

Doing so will help to boost their businesses and make them more profits. A failure to do this will reduce the chances of a business being ahead of the park. It will likely struggle in terms of meeting customer expectations and demands. Such a business will also have a low presence in the commercial world.

Different forms of technology exist in the world today by which modern businesses can utilize to become better. One of such is video marketing.

Video marketing has become a tool that is very efficient in the world of digital marketing. But it was not always a smooth road for this marketing tool before it gained popularity.

This article seeks to explain in detail the uses of video marketing. It also explains the advantages of video marketing in the world of business and the resources that can be used to ensure make it easier..

Let us run through some definitions.

First, What Is Video?

A video can be simply defined as the recording, reproduction or broadcasting moving visual images. Marketing is defined as the act of promoting or selling a product or service. Video marketing can then be defined as a marketing tool that is used to increase customer patronage and participation through a video.

Over the years, there has been a constant rise in the use of video marketing for business purposes. This is not unconnected with the rise of social media and online marketing. Just a little bit of statistics for you to ponder on. According to research from Pew Research Center, about 80% of adults use Facebook, while 32% use Instagram. YouTube, on the other hand, has a 46% adult base streaming its content. These numbers have made social media another market place for the marketing and sale of major products.

Companies and businesses all over the world have keyed into this and have begun to use video marketing as an effective marketing tool. Video marketing was however not widely accepted at first by businesses. It was believed to be a very expensive marketing tool, and many shied away from it at first. This erroneous misconception that video editing is very expensive is not to be believed.

Businesses can and should key into the use of various software and packages that are readily available. These apps, software, and packages make video marketing for businesses readily affordable and enable small businesses to make their videos without breaking the bank.

Yes, you heard me!

It is now possible to make videos such as slideshow video for business marketing purposes with software that you can use yourself. If you are still in doubt, let us go through a few selections from the many available video marketing resources and software you can avail yourself and your business to. This review is in no particular order.


1. The Green Screen Club Bundle:

Green Screen Video Marketing Bundle

This bundle is an ultimate value packed 10-in-1 vault of green screen video resources and training. With this bundle, businesses can get ready made green screen actor videos that cover a whole lot of genres and a whole load of other modules. These modules save you money on video production, as you can create a masterpiece for your business at an affordable price of just $19.95. This bundle can be acquired from


2. The YouTube Marketing Course Bundle:

YouTube Marketing Course Bundle

It is another perfect resource that will be greatly beneficial for your business marketing needs, especially of you, have an online business. With this bundle, you can learn how to build and run a powerful video advertising learning from an expert, Alex. With this bundle, you surely will get on top of YouTube marketing and get more clients for your business.


3. The Graphics Ace Collection:

Video Marketing - Green Screen Bundle

It is a graphic creators delight and is a great tool for video marketing for business. Coming at $19.99 at Dealfuel, this tool is what you need to create mind-blowing graphics effects for your business videos. You can create virtually anything with this toolbox, you just have to tweak your imagination to capture your audience’s delight.

Apart from these bundles, businesses can also take advantage of many of the softwares that can be used for the creation of their videos.


Let us run through some of them, shall we?

  • Adobe Premiere Pro for Windows and Macbook: This is one of the best video editing software available in today’s market. It is perfect for professionals and beginners, so nothing stops you from creating a good video for your business.
  • Windows Movie Maker
  • Final cut Pro X for Mac users.
  • Avid Media Composer which is an easy to use video editing software.
  • Filmora: this is a very good video editing software for creating youtube videos.
  • Adobe Premiere Clip, which is the mobile video editing app.
  • Nutshell
  • Magisto
  • Animoto

These are just a few of the many video editing software that businesses can use to create videos for their businesses without spending heavily. Do not let the misconception that video marketing is expensive stop you from joining the trend. Take charge today.

The advent of social media and the gradual shift to online marketing and e-commerce has necessitated the need for video marketing. Social media is the leading contributor to video market viewership. This has led to about 70% of marketing and business professionals integrating video marketing into their marketing strategy. My bet is that the remaining 30% are going to join in sooner than later.


So what exactly makes video marketing for business a viable tool?

Video marketing for business is useful for building a strong customer relationship, promoting business brands, promoting new services or products and delivering better contents for businesses. It can do a lot of good than even written content can achieve, and is hence a very viable tool.


Beautiful right?

How then can businesses key into the benefits of video marketing, you may want to ask? Video marketing for businesses can become very successful by having a very good strategy and good content for their videos.

It may look easy on the eye somewhat, but making a good video for your brand is much more complicated than it may seem. Behind that beautiful video that has driven the sales of your business by millions of dollars and driven online media into a frenzy, a lot of planning and strategy has taken place.

Let us imagine a brand that wants to key into this marketing tool. That business has to have a video marketing strategy in place. What then does a video marketing strategy entail? Let us find out.


Careful Allocation of Resources:

For your businesses video marketing needs, you have to allocate funds to cover for the videos. There may need to purchase equipment or employ the services of a media house or video creation guru to handle the creation of that perfect video for your business. If you have a good message to pass through your video but have that video in low quality, then there is hardly no point in producing such a video. You have to spend money to make money, don’t you?


Have a beautiful content:

For your video to captivate the mind of viewers and push them to patronize your product, you have to have content that is very beautiful and well crafted. Having low-quality content is very detrimental to any video you produce no matter how high the quality of the video may be. If the message is not right or passed perfectly, then it is of no use. It is just another money wasted.


Your Content should engage your Audience:

Having good content is not enough if your video does not engage your audience. There should be an effort made to spice up your videos so that they are not boring or too passive. Your videos should rouse the interest of your target audience and not drive them to sleep. This is very important in video marketing for businesses.


Do not overstretch the Length of your videos: 

Though there is no standardized length for video marketing for businesses, it is best to make videos that are not long and stretched. Short and direct to the point videos are the best marketing strategy. No one wants to stick around watching long commercials. Remove unnecessary content that will not be beneficial to your video. Your videos should be simple and portray your business in a good light. Let your videos be precise, captivating and perfectly timed. It will do your business a whole load of good.


Show your video to the world:

You don’t do a good video only to show it to just a few people. Your purpose for shooting the video in the first place is to grow your business. After the production of your video, publish it to media houses, and of course the ever growing and ever influential social media. Today most businesses thrive on their presence online via social media. It is thus a perfect place to grow your business and publish your videos.

Online video marketing is the best, I tell you. Take advantage today!

Following all these strategies will be beneficial to the growth and success of your business via video marketing. Analyze the videos of your competitors, and other businesses and know which step is the best to follow, and which techniques bring the best results. This is because the world we live in is ever changing as stated earlier, and thus new methods keep coming up.

Always be in the knowledge of emerging trends and take advantage. Plan a perfect strategy for your video development, develop a good and quality video content, and analyze your videos to achieve the best results. Your business will surely be better for it.

Video marketing for business is a game-changing tool. By keying into video marketing for business, your business will stand to gain the following benefits:

  • A swift and direct connection to your target audience and customers. Customers will generally prefer to watch a commercial video on a product then read content about that particular product. Thus having a good video for your business connects you to your audience faster than any other source.
  • Through videos, your clients retain information about your product better than when they read about it. Statistically, customers retain 65% of the information they get from a video three days after viewing. This compares favorably to a 10% retention rate when they read the information.
  • More Customers are likely to make a purchase of a product after watching a video of such a product. Too good to be true? Statistically, 64-85% of customers are more likely to purchase a product immediately after watching the video description of that product. I can say with a tinge of intuition that the remaining 15-36% is going to make the purchase after a while. Laughs.
  • Video content amounts for about 76% of online traffic. With YouTube and its cohorts at bay, this is very true, and businesses are thriving today by maximizing the benefits of the online market. Join the train if you are not on it already.
  • Videos are a fast way to build backlinks to your site and improving your SEO rankings. The traffic generated to your site through a video posted on YouTube and subsequent tags will amaze you. Video marketing for business is a goldmine that should be continuously tapped into and improved. Its success rate is genius.


So what are you waiting for?

Switch to video marketing for business marketing today and reap the benefits and wonders it will do for your business. Though starting on a rough patch and unconvincing fashion, video marketing has come to stay. It has grown and continues to grow and can be the difference between a successful video and an unsuccessful one.

Join the winning team today. Go global and conquer your business world with video marketing. Set the pace.

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