Suit Inky Up For Halloween And Win Inky’s Brand New Bundle

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Are you up for a new Halloween adventure? Inky wants to feel this year’s terrifying Halloween vibe, and you have all the skills necessary to design a special Halloween party. So Inky planned a new contest for all of you who stand by him during the spookiest night of the year!

So what’s the most awaited part of any successful Halloween party? Exactly, the costumes of course! And the costumes will be the main focus of Inky’s contest.

Here’s what you need to do: go to Inky’s Facebook page and download InkyDeals PNG logo. Then unleash your wicked creativity and suit Inky up with that unique Halloween costume you have in mind. Make Inky’s costume be seen by the entire world by attaching it in a comment at Inky’s Halloween Facebook post: Halloween Costume Contest.

And Inky’s rewards will surely match the power of the evilest monster you’ll ever encounter! The 5 costumes that will scare our designers the most will be repaid with Inky’s brand new bundle that is full of goodies! Not only that, but the grand winner’s creation will be featured on InkyDeals website the entire Halloween day!

Warning: Contest ends Thursday, October 29th at midnight CST!

So join Inky’s Halloween Costume Party and enjoy the magic of the holiday with your fellow designers around the world!


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