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InkyDeals Easter Contest: Join the Egg Hunt and Win

Easter is fast approaching and Inky, in his festive spirit, has been very busy. He’s hidden ten images of colourful Easter eggs all over the InkyDeals website and beyond. He even took the time to write a letter on each one of the eggs.

Your task is to find these eggs and make out the phrase Inky spelled on them. Each egg you find counts as 10 percent discount for a deal or bundle of your choosing. If you find all of them that means you get a 100 percent discount.

To enter the competition, look for the Easter eggs on:

  • Product preview pages
  • Product pages
  • The InkyDeals Facebook page
  • The InkyDeals Instagram page
  • InkyDeals Newsletter

Once you find the eggs write the letters you’ve found or the entire phrase in the comment section below.

So hurry and find those eggs, because only the first three people that comment with the full phrase will receive the prize. If by some chance nobody finds the entire phrase, don’t worry, the first three commenters will receive discounts according to the number of letters they’ve gathered.

The egg hunt will run all through the weekend and the prize winners will be announced on Monday, March 28 as an update to this post.


Congratulations to the Inkydeals Easter Contest winners: Laura, Dan and Sara. You will be contacted by one of our colleagues via email, in order to receive your prizes. 

Winners of Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: 3x $100 Coupons & 5 Birthday Bundles

Today’s the big day when you find out whether you won one of the 5 awesome prizes from Inky’s Birthday Giveaway: Win 3x $100 Coupons & 5 Birthday Bundles. Inky thanks you for participating and is very grateful to have you as a part of his extended design family. He received dozens of hones, creative wishes. He had a great party with lots of badges, icons, labels, WordPress themes… let’s just say it was wild!

I’m sure you’re very excited to see whether you’re one of the lucky winners and have probably already skipped reading this part, so…


Congratulations to you:

1. Lucia Poliovkova – $100 coupon and a free copy of Inky’s Birthday Bundle: $1635 Worth of Super Premium Resources – Only $69
2. Corin Birchall – $100 coupon and a free copy of Inky’s Birthday Bundle: $1635 Worth of Super Premium Resources – Only $69
3. Jeremy Hill – $100 coupon and a free copy of Inky’s Birthday Bundle: $1635 Worth of Super Premium Resources – Only $69
4. Svetlana Krstić – a free copy of Inky’s Birthday Bundle: $1635 Worth of Super Premium Resources – Only $69
5. Sandra Seibert – a free copy of Inky’s Birthday Bundle: $1635 Worth of Super Premium Resources – Only $69

Keep an eye on your inbox, because you’re going to be contacted today by Andra, one of Inky’s faithful sidekicks with your prize.

Help a Fellow Designer: Send Him a $9 Coupon and Get One in Return!

Today we try to raise awareness of a one of a kind campaign from the design world that we just launched. You’re probably asking yourself “What is this?”. Well, it’s an initiative to support the talented creative professionals in the community. Take a look below to learn more.

Who does it speak to?

– Graphic designers
– Web designers
– Developers
– Marketers
– Any other kind of creative professional looking to improve himself and his work (and, at the same time, help a friend do the same)


How does it work?

Follow this link to the page of the campaign and follow the instructions. There we offer you an exclusive $9 coupon to send to your friend, and then one for yourself. You can then use the coupon to get our $9 design deals for free, or as a discount towards our more expensive deals.

Be a great creative professional and an even better friend. Help a fellow designer!

Giveaway Winners: Win 3 Ginormous Bundles & Get 50 Free Abstract Illustrations

The day has come when we find out who won the 3 free copies of Inky’s Ginormous Bundle: $4,505 Worth of Premium Resources – Only $79! Thank you to all of Inky’s family members who took the time to participate. To share the love, Inky will send everyone who participated 50 abstract vector illustrations worth $200. Keep an eye on your inbox!


Let’s meet the lucky winners:

  1. Applemalc
  2. Katherine Erlikh
  3. Adriancas30

Congratulations to everyone who participated! Inky’s grateful for having you in his design family.