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Giveaway: Win 10 x New Colossal Bundles worth $10,063 Each!

Update March 21st

Thank you for your positive and many, many comments! Inky feels truly blessed and to prove it, he’s offering you a free sample from the bundle worth $66:


Click here to download.

And that’s not all. If the number of comments doubles and the giveaway reaches 1,000 comments by Monday, March 24th – Inky will double the prize! Share the giveaway with a friend and unlock the chance to win not 10, but 20 New Colossal Bundles: $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49!


Inky’s been feeling very grateful lately for having such a cool family of talented designers. He wanted to thank you for being part of his awesome family, so he asked us to organize the biggest giveaway ever!

What you can win

Enter now and get a chance to win one of the 10 New Colossal Bundles: $10,063 worth of Top-Quality Resources – From $49 that are up for grabs! That’s a total of over $100,000 in prizes consisting of premium, exclusive design resources. Basically, you can’t miss it.

Be one of the 10 lucky winners that will each get their own free copy of this bundle!


– 350 Vector Sets worth $4,045

– 425 Vector Illustrations worth $1,700

– 40 T-shirt Designs worth $600

– 87 High-Resolution Texture Packs worth $994

– Tatianna Font Family worth $35

– 101 Web & Print Resources Packs worth $1,070

– 109 Photoshop & Illustrator Addons worth $1,036

– 67 Photoshop Brushes Sets worth $486

– 10 Premium Tutorials worth $97

How to enter the contest

All you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us how Inky’s deals help you. Let’s put a smile on the little guy’s face!

The 10 winners will be chosen randomly and announced here, on the blog Friday, March 28th.

Help a Fellow Designer: Send Him a $9 Coupon and Get One in Return!

Today we try to raise awareness of a one of a kind campaign from the design world that we just launched. You’re probably asking yourself “What is this?”. Well, it’s an initiative to support the talented creative professionals in the community. Take a look below to learn more.

Who does it speak to?

– Graphic designers
– Web designers
– Developers
– Marketers
– Any other kind of creative professional looking to improve himself and his work (and, at the same time, help a friend do the same)


How does it work?

Follow this link to the page of the campaign and follow the instructions. There we offer you an exclusive $9 coupon to send to your friend, and then one for yourself. You can then use the coupon to get our $9 design deals for free, or as a discount towards our more expensive deals.

Be a great creative professional and an even better friend. Help a fellow designer!

A Message from the Inky Deals Team

Thank you for being a part of our family of over 300,000 members.  Because you rock and deserve only the best, we’re trying every day to give you top-quality resources and bring new features. They’re meant to help you stress less about the little things and focus more on what’s important – being an awesome person!

Thanks to you we managed to collaborate with huge names, such as: SEO Moz, Smashing Magazine, DepositPhotos, Designious, VandelayPremier, Site Point, Ultrashock and many others. And because of your feedback and ideas, we implemented some unique features that can’t be found on any other discount website.

We want to give you the best user experience possible, and safety while purchasing on Inky Deals.

Some of our newly introduced features are:

  • 200% Money-Back Guarantee.

If you purchased a deal on Inky Deals and aren’t satisfied with it or the resources don’t meet your expectations, you get your money back – no questions asked and on top of that you keep the resources! This is a unique feature that can’t be found on any other discount website, at least not in the near future.

  • Best Prices

On Inky Deals you will always find the best prices and the biggest bundles possible. Only a small part of the deals we get are posted on our website. That’s because we want to give you only highly usable resources that help you save hours of time.

  • Exclusive Deals

We have lots of deals that are exclusive and can’t be found on any other website. You can easily find them – just look for the “Exclusive Deal” badge.

  • Awesome Customer Support

Even though it’s not 24/7, we have an in house customer support which will always know if there’s something wrong and will always have an answer to your problem.

  • High-Quality Freebies

Just take a look at the freebies section – you will find there only top-quality resources from design heavyweights. Go ahead, download one and you will see their true quality.

  • Deals Added Every Day

We have new deals every day, which means you will always find resources that will both help you finish your projects faster and inspire you along the way.

  • A wide range of products

On Inky Deals you will find lots of different deals – from Vectors and Illustrations, to Photoshop Actions, T-shirt Designs, Tutorials, Web Design deals and even Productivity!

  • Secret Deals & Special Deals

Once a week we have secret deals that are available only for our design family members. These deals are exclusive and can’t be found anywhere. And besides, the secret deals we have come at incredibly low prices that you will definitely love!

  • Download your product any time from your account

When you purchase a deal, the download links will automatically appear in your account and you will be able to get them whenever you want.

  • A way to earn money

You can earn some substantial passive income through our affiliate program that offers 25% commission and a 10% second tier commission, for life.

And we promise you that we will never stop improving our products and features, so they can serve you in the best possible way.  If you have any suggestion on how we can improve or just want to say ‘hi’, feel free to drop a message on our blog.

Best Regards,

The Inky Deals Team