The Christmas Giveaway Winners

The time has come to reveal the 5 lucky winners of Inky’s Christmas Giveaway!

Drum roll…

Before we make the big announcement, Inky just wanted to thank you for all of your warm holiday wishes and kind words. He almost melted into a little blue puddle and is proud to be your friend, because you’re awesome.

Congratulations to:

1. Crabcakes for winning the Ginormous Christmas Bundle and the Designer’s Treasure Chest

2. Noella Chase for winning the Photoshop Resources Giga Pack

3. Ranx Ho for winning the Photoshop Styles Bundle

4. Major Spacecase for winning More than 4,400 Royalty-Free Vectors

5. Fatima for winning the Premier Photoshop Brushes Mega Bundle

We’ll contact you by email to give you your prizes, so keep a close eye on your inbox. Happy holidays!

1 Comment The Christmas Giveaway Winners

  1. noella chase December 21, 2013 at 10:03 pm

    Hello: I just happened to be going through google with my name search and I came across that I had won the photoshop resources gigi pack. in the Christmas giveaway in 2012. I never got the message. I don’t think I had internet at the time – do financial reasons. Therefore I did not download the files. Would it be possible to collect on them now or is it to late.


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