Winners of the “Name it and Win it” Giveaway

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Hey guys! You simply blew the Inky team away with your ten pounds of creative thoughts for the name of our new bundle and we want to thank you for that! It’s really impressive to see how full of life the Inky community is and that’s exactly what we need to keep our passion for design going up.


Now the time has come to share our gifts with you! Since the hard part of this new experience was to pick just one name for our bundle, we decided that the best solution is to make everyone a winner!


The first prize goes to the Inky member whose answer we picked for our new bundle title, followed by 10 fabulous winners who cheered us up with their comments.


And that’s not all! Everyone who shared their creativity with us should check their e-mail in the following 48 hours for a special surprise from InkyDeals!


Curious what’s the Official Name of our New Bundle?mail-new

So here are our 11 winners who will receive their own free copy of  The Inkspiration Bundle:

  1. Ikrima Baskoro – “The Inkspiration Bundle”
  2. Don – “Bundlesaurus”
  3. Kevin – “SuperGraphicalistic Bundle”
  4. Tina – “Creative Overload Bundle”
  5. Dennis Gaskill – “Fun contest! Call it the Megalicious Creativity Bundle”
  6. Steve – “The Everything Bundle”
  7. Rick Reyes – “Jurassic Park; This Month’s Dinodeal”
  8. Shane Cory Potter – “The Big Bodacious Bundle
  9. Benjamin Dover – “Inky’s Cram-Tastic Bundle; Inky’s Giant Kitchen Sink Bundle (includes everything plus a vector of a kitchen sink); Inky’s Ten Pounds of Creativity in a five pound bag bundle”
  10. Janot Lellis Moura – “The Fantasinky Bundle”
  11. Waqqas Masood – “Mother of ALL GRAPHICS”

Congratulations to all of you!


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