Winners of the Giveaway: Win 10 x Big Bang Bundle worth $14,979

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Today we reveal who are the 10 lucky winners of the Giveaway: Win 10 x Big Bang Bundle worth $14,979! Before we do that, Inky would like to thank you for being part of his family. We read all your funny, creative, heart melting comments and you’re the reason our team had an awesome week.

Everyone who participated received a surprise from Inky, so keep an eye on your inbox!


Congratulations to:

1. Marko – “The Extended Big Bang Bundle… has to be the best.. so many items.. it makes me dizzy! Love the T-shirt designs, the vectors, the fonts and the textures are to die for.”

2. Vaibhav bakhshi – “Wow ! I am so excited (read desperate) about this deal. May I (and 9 other lucky fellows as well) win this one… ;)”

3. Max – “Inky, you are awesome also without deals, but i like with and my favorite was the ginormous bundle!”

4. Annamaria – “Love the deals guys, thanks for the great packages. I use them often!”

5. Liz Ludick – “i think inkydeals is the bomb dot coooomm!! All their deals have an awesome element but my favourite at the moment is Over 2,000 Royalty Free Stock Images for Just $27 (Value $1,180) which would be awesome to win along with some cool vectors!!”

6. J Hoye – “Loved the Monster Creation kit earlier this year – kept my kids amused for hours :)”

7. Stefano – “The Big Bang Bundle is amazing! Hope to be lucky this time! Thank you guys, we really appreciate your job. Keep goin’!”


9. JMO – “Just formatted a 4tb hdd for this win. Big Bang is killer”

10. Tommi – “I left from other deal sites when I found Inky. Best deal for me so far is 60 Premium Stationery Templates with Commercial License for $10 but there´s going to be loads of deals ahead I believe!”

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