Why Should You Choose WordPress To Kickstart Your Online Delivery Business?

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 Today, the online delivery business has proliferated into our daily lives, and the customer’s preferences also have been changing when it comes to purchasing products. Nowadays, they prefer online ordering whether they want to order food, groceries, medicines, or even flowers. Hence, the magnitude of demand created by online delivery is vast in scale. 

Customers’ needs are paramount for businesses that cater to them online, and a substantial repository is integral to satisfying consumers’ needs. So, mostly when any entrepreneur wants to commence an online delivery business, WordPress is defeated in terms of its customization and plugins capability. 

WordPress has been popular in the market since 2003 and became the first choice of bloggers, and even SMEs prefer WordPress over any other content management system. WordPress is everyone’s first preference for small businesses, bloggers, photography websites to the news, and eCommerce websites. 

This article will go over the statistics about WordPress, why it is a perfect solution for your delivery business, and what advantages it offers. So let’s discuss each point in detail that helps you along the way. 

Popularity Of WordPress that will Amaze You

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    Source: WordPress Download Counter 

If you want to start an online delivery business or want to transform an existing business with online solutions, one question surely pops up in your mind is “ how many websites use WordPress” or why WordPress is popular among all businesses. Don’t worry; we have here several important WordPress stats and facts for you. 

  • Over 40% of website owners across the globe use WordPress because of its customization capability and advanced plugins. (source)
  • The recent version of WordPress has been installed more than 54m times and is still counting. 
  • There are numerous plugins available in the WordPress directory, but Akismet, a plugin that allows users to detect spam content, is the most downloaded plugin of all time, with over 196 million installs to date. (source)
  • There are more than 3972 themes available on the WordPress platform right now; among them, 93% of themes are sold on Envato Market. (source)

There you have it, the eye-popping WordPress stats and facts that are reflecting the power of this popular CMS tool. Indeed, WordPress is a giant on the Internet, but why is it perfect for your online delivery business? Before that, you should know the meaning of the online delivery business. Let’s dig in detail. 

What is an Online Delivery Business? 

The doorstep delivery business is skyrocketing as it allows customers to order various products at competitive prices. There are different products included in the online delivery business, such as food, grocery, medicine, etc. Indeed, all these businesses are experiencing major growth due to the pandemic, but statistics presented by Elluminatiinc.com reflected that the food delivery business is growing by leaps and bounds, and it won’t face a downturn in the near future. 

Therefore, the online delivery business’s future is promising, but what does it actually mean? Here we go. 

An online delivery business can be defined as a venture that allows customers to place and track orders online using the website or application. In the same way, stores can update menus, manage online orders, process payments,s and fulfill customer’s demands over the Internet. 

Doesn’t it seem easy? Yes, this is the reason why the online delivery business is getting popular, as you can earn double-digital profit with less investment. 


Why Should You Choose WordPress for Your Online Delivery Business 

Pandemic has forced entrepreneurs to transform their existing businesses. In addition to that, lockdown and social distancing are the major reasons behind the exponential growth of the online delivery business. So if you want to get more info about the benefits of choosing WordPress for commencing your online delivery business, here we have broken down the important features that explain WordPress as an ideal choice for your delivery venture. Let’s get started. 

Easy to Use and Set-Up

As said earlier, WordPress offers unlimited customization options, and for that, you don’t require advanced technical skills. All you need to do is install WordPress from its official website and get started. If you are new to the delivery business and don’t intend to spend a huge amount on custom solutions, WordPress is the ideal option you can choose for. 

Experts also believe that WordPress is specially designed for non-technical persons. Therefore, you don’t need knowledge regarding HTML or CSS to launch a website for your delivery business. 

You can set it up easily and customize all the elements quickly, from themes to fonts to layout and custom contact forms; you can edit everything. Another advantage of using WordPress is accessing thousands of themes and plugins that make your website visually stunning.


Building a website for your delivery business is less expensive with WordPress. Moreover, responsive themes and plugins also make it easy to edit a website based on your business requirements; you don’t need to hire a designer or developer to add or remove features. 

You can download WordPress for free; its hosting plans are also cost-effective as compared to other CMS. Developing and maintaining a website is probably not that costly and tough these days, and credit goes to WordPress as it is a reliable and popular platform. 

Extensive Range of Responsive Themes

There are plenty of themes available within the platform. You can customize the theme based on your delivery business’s preferences. There are two thousand plus WordPress themes available for free at websites like Theme Forest and WooThemes. 

Furthermore, all these themes are mobile-friendly, aka responsive, which means your customers can browse the site on their smartphones and place an order without any trouble. This could be beneficial for your delivery business because smartphone users will soon surpass desktop users. 

WordPress Alternatives

Indeed, WordPress is a popular content management system, but low-security features sometimes disappoint users. Hence, we have mentioned five of the best WordPress alternatives that users could pick for their online delivery business. 

  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Weebly  

As mentioned, every CMS has its own pros and cons, choose the best that satisfies your business needs and helps you make the most out of it. 

Ending Note

The article was written in the hope that you may have understood why WordPress is the best solution for your online delivery business needs. Aside from the points mentioned above, other points can help you improve your website’s security, functionality, and robustness.

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